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Fixanit Shanghai is devoted to providing complete design, engineering, manufacturing and turnkey sub-assembly services which are vertically integrated with our OEM customers operations.

Fixanit Shanghai specializes in prototype orders for Casting, Machining, Stamping and Fabrication with our expertise being in stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, magnesium, carbon steel, and alloy steel series. As a product-driven company, we are focused on developing complete products for OEM customers in Life & Medical Instruments, Pump & Valve, Petrochemical & Energy, Construction and Transportation fields.

Since inception, the company has been devoted to the development of strong engineering capability, coupled with ERP, PDM into R&D and production management. Our engineering and sales are familiar with most international industry standards, like ANSI, BS and DIN, and work with both Metric and Inch drawing/blueprints in Auto CAD, Pro/E and Solidworks format.
With the motto: “We exist for our customers Fixanit Shanghai staff is devoted to meeting all customer requirements and providing full customer satisfaction. The technically advanced equipment, the highly qualified management and well skilled personnel ensure outstanding service to our customers and timely, efficient and successful management of any project.

The company is situated in the Pudong section of Shanghai, the bustling commercial center of modern China, thus allowing us to react quickly to changing business priorities and to take advantage of readily available business travel and cargo shipping infrastructure.

We would be honored to receive your inquiry and assist with your OEM procurement needs.